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About Us

Leadership by Veterans: 

Led by military Veterans with a combined experience that spans generations, GOFER Industries brings a unique perspective to the construction and service landscape. Their dedication to discipline, teamwork, and exacting standards translates into every facet of the company's operations, ensuring that each project and service is executed with military precision.

The Military Precision Difference: 

At the core of GOFER Industries lies a commitment to attention to detail that's a hallmark of Veteran-owned businesses. The meticulous approach that was honed during their military service permeates every project, service, and interaction. This dedication to precision and excellence sets them apart, ensuring that clients receive nothing short of the best.


Building / Cleaning / Powering

- With Veterans at the helm

Two Decades of Expertise: 

With over 20 years of residential and commercial construction experience, GOFER Industries boasts a diverse portfolio that showcases their mastery in creating functional and aesthetically captivating spaces. From designing and erecting impressive structures to transforming living spaces, their construction prowess is underscored by their deep-rooted commitment to customer satisfaction and industry best practices.

Diverse Clientele:

GOFER Industries' influence reaches far and wide, catering to a spectrum of clients that includes high-profile figures, esteemed institutions, and local communities. From collaborating with renowned commercial clients such as schools, hospitals, and correctional facilities to serving as the trusted partner for residential handyman needs in local neighborhoods, the company's reach is as extensive as it is impactful.

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